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RUINEDSTATES is an icon collaboration community with several makers who have several different styles. We offer requestables, headers, sharable icons & so much more!

Crediting and commenting is the MAJOR thing here! each maker has his/her own rules so please be sure to follow them when requesting/using something. If you're here to lurk or start drama, you will be removed and possibly banned. We've grown and don't have time for that shit, so take it somewhere else. Make sure when you are crediting, credit MAKER @ RUINEDSTATES with lj-tags. Different people make different stuff and as much as we'd like ruinedstates to be broadcast, we want the actual maker to get proper credit. To see our graphics, comment here and then join.

♦Kara // EXAMPLES (mod) & ♦Amanda // EXAMPLES (co-mod)

♦Lauren // EXAMPLES, ♦Kelsey // EXAMPLES, ♦Becky // EXAMPLES, ♦Sica // EXAMPLES, ♦Gracie // EXAMPLES, ♦Jaci // EXAMPLES & ♦Ashley // EXAMPLES

copy & paste this code anywhere to link back to ruinedstates.
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